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Merhaba (hello)

Who are we? What is Truffle Residences? How did it all start? I hear you ask. We sometimes still ask ourselves the same questions! I hope our blog will let you share what has become an incredible journey for us both.

Let me introduce us, Mel and Nigel, a lawyer and an accountant (I know....don't groan!) working and living in Yorkshire. Who amongst other things share a passion for properties, in all shapes and guises. This is Mel's blog of our adventures in Turkey !

May 2009

After a flying visit to the UK for four days it was back to Kalkan to ensure that we were ready for our first guests. There were a number of last minute things to sort out; we had parasols but no bases, some plants had died and needed replacing, I wanted some large beanie bags for the roof terraces and I hadn't quite finished putting the information together for the Guest Folders in the apartments.

We also finalised the Additional Services we are going to be offering guests at Truffle Residences; you can stay in the comfort of your apartment and have a massage, pedicure or manicure; babysitting or company for an elderly relative; car rental; tours and excursions; picnic hampers; meals prepared and served to you at the apartments; BBQ's prepared, cooked and served to you at the apartments. Full details are in the Guest Information folder in each of the apartments.

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March 2009

After a brief, but busy week in the UK, back to Kalkan in early March to crack on with the apartments. The weather had continued to be unpredictable, therefore the spa pools had not been tiled as they have to completely dry out first. People who live in Kalkan say it is the wettest winter they have experienced in the last 10 years. The weather over my first week back improved enough for the main pool to be grouted.

The good news was all the internal lights had been put up, I have so lost count as to how many there are! Ibo had finished putting all the beds and wardrobes together and the frosted glass arrived for all the wardrobe doors. Next job was finding 150 coat hangers!

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February 2009

Well, we arrived back in Kalkan on Monday 9th February in the early evening, just as the light was fading but that didn't stop me hopping out of the car at the roundabout, to go and see the building. Taking the suitcases (4 !) to where we were staying was definitely Nige's task, I couldn't possibly wait until the following day to see what progress had been made.

Oooh and what a difference from the outside, with the railings up, the windows in and all the outside lights on, now it is starting to look more like a building and less like a building site. It is probably a girlie thing! but it's so nice when anything is new and sparkling!

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April 2009

Where do I start, the last few weeks in Kalkan have passed in a flurry of activity to get the apartments finished.

Given the amount of deliveries we have had of barstools and outside furniture, I never want to see another piece of packaging! Every single item was individually wrapped and then every arm and leg of the chairs was also wrapped. Also stickers, why are they are put on everything these days? Never mind it is all now unpacked, washed and put in its respective place.

The pool has been cleaned and filled, what a difference that makes now it glimmers in the sunshine. The spa pools have at last been finished, a cheer went up that day. They really have been a source of irritation, but now they are finished they were worth it. They are huge!!! 6 people will comfortably sit in them. Something I am hoping to find the time to do next week once they have been filled!

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February 2009 (Continued)

After Nigel returned to England I had the benefit of 2 weeks on my own in Kalkan, which just seemed to fly by.

Over the 2 weeks things continued to progress at the building, admittedly not always at the rate I would like. But hey, I have never said that patience is my middle name. There have been times when it has been frustrating, you go on site and find that things have been done that you have not asked for. For example, a whole set of wall mounted accessories were installed in the cloakrooms, which meant they had been drilled into the tiles. I think my face probably said it all - don't like them, don't want them, didn't pick them, so take them out. This meant the basins had to be removed to take the tiles off that had drilled holes in them, tiles replaced and the basins back on. You can imagine how popular I was!!!

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January 2009 (further)

I am sat in the kitchen on a Saturday morning pondering; I have just done my last day at the law firm I have been with for the last 8 years so that I can concentrate on Truffle Residences. Yikes....what have I done! It's like being on a roller coaster of panic and sheer excitement. I could have just gone to Alton Towers for the day, it would have been a lot cheaper and less risky!!

But I know once I am back in Kalkan (9 days to go), not that I am counting, any worries will fade away once I am stood on site and looking at that amazing view. Those people who have been to Kalkan will know about the magic I am talking about, and for those who haven't, well we will just have to hope that in time we can persuade them to come and see for themselves and stay at Truffle Residences of course!

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