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March 2009

After a brief, but busy week in the UK, back to Kalkan in early March to crack on with the apartments. The weather had continued to be unpredictable, therefore the spa pools had not been tiled as they have to completely dry out first. People who live in Kalkan say it is the wettest winter they have experienced in the last 10 years. The weather over my first week back improved enough for the main pool to be grouted.

The good news was all the internal lights had been put up, I have so lost count as to how many there are! Ibo had finished putting all the beds and wardrobes together and the frosted glass arrived for all the wardrobe doors. Next job was finding 150 coat hangers!

Outside all the trellis had arrived and been put up, I think it looks fabulous and worth every penny. Whilst we are in a very central position and have fabulous views, I also want to create the feeling that once inside Truffle it is like being in a secret garden and is a private haven from the rest of the world. The next job for me was to organise for the outside area to be planted, so it has time to get established before our first guests arrive in May. Over the road from Truffle is a small garden centre which is run by Kamil. Given that language was a barrier we managed by walking round the terraces and then going through brochures so he could point to me which plants he thought would work in each of the planting spots. Given that we needed some quite large plants, it involved Kamil making a trip to Izmir to purchase the plants and some very large pots. Two days later everything arrived at Truffle and it took 3 men a whole day to bring in the soil and plant it all up. I love what he has done and whilst some of it is looking very new, I am told that in this climate it doesn't take long for things to look established. Some of the plants were on my personal wish list, like the olive tree and the lemon tree; I have romantic visions that at some point in the future our guests will be able to pick a lemon straight from the tree to use in a G & T.

All the kitchens are now finished with the tiling complete and appliances installed. However, on checking each kitchen I found that not all the appliances were connected and in some cases the socket was too far away for them to be connected. Hey ho another phone call to get the installation company back and get it sorted!  Two days later they were back, job done and gas bottles installed for the cooker hobs.  Another tick on my list, yippee!

I was very excited the day the sofas were arriving and nervous, as Nige was the one who had been to check the density of the stuffing of the sofas and try them out. Given that 10 sofas and 2 armchairs were on their way, what if they were too hard and uncomfortable?? I awaited with trepidation. The delivery arrived at 9pm in the dark, instead of lunchtime! I was not a happy bunny. Mind you I was relieved to find that they are comfortable, Nige had done okay. Consequently, all the sofas had to be put in the apartments at ground floor level, which then left me with the problem of how do I get the sofas up to the roof level of Devine Seville and Chocolate Blues?? These things are large and heavy and would not go up the internal staircases! Fortunately for me Aslan's men on site are extremely helpful and once I explained the problem, half a dozen men and a piece of rope came to the rescue. Job done, another tick on the list.

A lot of time was spent on this visit ordering flimsies, curtains and blinds for the windows, of which there are in excess of 30! Various items started to arrive, that had been ordered on the previous trip, including all the towels and the kitchen cutlery and crockery. I was able to move into Mellow Mocca, which very quickly started looking like a warehouse. I didn't care it was just lovely to start staying at Truffle and every morning I got to wake up and lie in bed with a cup of tea just savouring the views of the bay, oh lucky me!

Amongst all of this activity I was fortunate enough to do a day trip to Sidyma with an English anthropologist and a couple of chaps who were visiting friends in Kalkan. The weather was glorious and the fields were covered in daisies and red anemones. Sidyma has some minor Lycian ruins with the village sitting in the centre of the site, many of the old stone houses incorporate building materials from the ancient city.

The residents of the village spin and dye their own wool and then weave it into rugs, it was fascinating to watch and I just couldn't resist purchasing a few. The colours are perfect for Mellow Mocca and they will look fab on the walls. After walking through the village we had a lovely picnic lunch in the courtyard in front the Mosque.

We then went for a good long walk through the surrounding fields which have an interesting collection of tombs. Oh, I also saw a piece of wood that I fell in love with and decided to lug it round on the rest of the walk, yes I know I am mad, but I think it looks lovely propped up against the olive tree at Truffle and it will always remind me of my day at Sidyma.

In my last week Nige joined me, with his son Matt, to give a helping hand. Which included lots of washing of kitchenware, brushing up and generally tidying up. They also brought the apartment signs with them and put them up.  All that is left now is for me to dress all of the apartments and take delivery of the outside furniture when I go back to Kalkan in April.