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February 2009 (Continued)

After Nigel returned to England I had the benefit of 2 weeks on my own in Kalkan, which just seemed to fly by.

Over the 2 weeks things continued to progress at the building, admittedly not always at the rate I would like. But hey, I have never said that patience is my middle name. There have been times when it has been frustrating, you go on site and find that things have been done that you have not asked for. For example, a whole set of wall mounted accessories were installed in the cloakrooms, which meant they had been drilled into the tiles. I think my face probably said it all - don't like them, don't want them, didn't pick them, so take them out. This meant the basins had to be removed to take the tiles off that had drilled holes in them, tiles replaced and the basins back on. You can imagine how popular I was!!!

The double curtain poles I had ordered were installed, by the time I got there they had all been put up and I was asked was I happy with them. I said I was but had just one question, why were they black when I had ordered silver? We did all laugh as it was obvious that this part of my request had been forgotten and all the poles had merrily been painted black. Not sure they carried on laughing when I said that they all had to come down to be taken away and repainted silver. I didn't think I was being unreasonable, it is no different to wanting want black shoes you don't come back with red ones (well maybe, but that would be because two pairs had been purchased instead of one!).
On the plus side, the light fittings started to arrive including those ordered from Istanbul, oooh they are so pretty. Glass, both crackled and mosaic in lots of different colours. Metal ones cut out in Ottoman designs, some with little crystals in.

The white goods arrived and were installed in the kitchens, looking good. Ibo was busy putting together the wardrobes and beds on site, which just all look great.

The 2 week period also required a day trip to Antalya (4 hours each way) as customs had decided to hang on to my imported bedding and I had to attend in person. The day started at 3am (in my book only an acceptable time for going to bed not getting up) and ended when we got back to Kalkan at about 7pm. All I will say is that the whole process of getting 5 large boxes released was tortuous and potentially was going to include day light robbery. Thankfully I had Soner with me who managed to sort the whole thing out and the 5 boxes are now safely in Kalkan.

A far more enjoyable day was a drive through the mountains, with friends, through Bezirgan which lies on a plain, apparently it was a prehistoric lake, and the landscape is stunning.

We then came back down through Ä°slamlar where there are half a dozen trout-farm restaurants. We stopped for a late lunch at Pinab'i, which is the first trout-farm on your left as you come down through Ä°slamlar (opposite the mosque which has blue glass on the minaret). There are a lot of steps up to the roof terrace but the views were amazing down through the valley to Kalkan and the sea, with the sound of streams burbling in the background. Lunch consisted of a starter of fried slices of village sheep cheese, served with olives and bread. Followed by salad (all locally grown), chips and fresh water trout (which can be grilled or fried). It was all delicious and cost approximately 10YTL per person.

I also went to Fethiye for the day on the dolmu, which takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and costs 10YTL each way (I have put the times on the See page, under Turkish Delights). It was Tuesday so I had a wander round the weekly market, fresh produce is in abundance as are clothes, bedding and some lovely embroidered table linen. Then I wandered through the Old Town for some retail therapy, found some lovely paintings by Turkish artists in a shop called Unique. This shop is an aladdin's cave of paintings, furniture, fabrics (to die for), ceramics, scarves etc. I was restrained, well not that restrained. The day finished with a couple of glasses of wine sat at the harbour, watching the world go by. Can't wait to go back to collect the paintings once they have been mounted and framed.