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February 2009

Well, we arrived back in Kalkan on Monday 9th February in the early evening, just as the light was fading but that didn't stop me hopping out of the car at the roundabout, to go and see the building. Taking the suitcases (4 !) to where we were staying was definitely Nige's task, I couldn't possibly wait until the following day to see what progress had been made.

Oooh and what a difference from the outside, with the railings up, the windows in and all the outside lights on, now it is starting to look more like a building and less like a building site. It is probably a girlie thing! but it's so nice when anything is new and sparkling!

The building is not completely finished as there has definitely been a battle with the elements given the amount of rain Kalkan has been having lately, but in the week we have been back progress continues.

My first job was to pick the tiles for each of the five kitchens, which was easier to do now the units and granite worktops were fitted. Within 24 hours the tiler was back on site finishing off the tiling in the pool and starting the kitchens.

Meanwhile construction of the spa pools on the roof terraces has been finished and now they are ready for tiling. All the bathrooms are in and they are now just fitting the glass shower screens.

On Wednesday, we hired a car and went to Fethiye as we needed to pick the white goods for the five kitchens and also start on the mammoth task of picking 80 internal lights. What do men not understand when you say no they can't all be the same!! All I will say is that there were a few fraught moments during the course of the day, women have never said shopping is easy!

It has been a busy week as we have also picked and ordered the mattresses, towels, robes and slippers and had the windows measured for the curtain poles. We have been to see Ibo the carpenter, to have a look at the beds and wardrobes that he is making. I think it is so exciting to see something that has been made for you from scratch, rather than just walking into a shop and picking it off a shelf. I have to say the craftsmanship here is wonderful.

We then went to see the travertine planters that I had given drawings for, again I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, from the sheets of travertine we selected in their raw state a month ago we now have beautifully polished trough and taper planters. I just can't wait to get them down to the building and start planting.

Meanwhile romance with Nige in Kalkan is not dead! I was taken out for lunch to Kosem Pilicevi which is in the row of shops in front of the building. They do spit roast chickens which you can have as a takeaway for 10 ytl per chicken or, you can sit in where you are given half a chicken with rice, salad and bread for 8 ytl each. Have to say it was simple, yummy fresh food. My expectations for Valentine's Day were high! but somebody had forgotten. So whilst I was getting dressed on the morning of the 14th, a piece of A4 paper was hastily folded in half and drawn upon!! What argument can you give when you are told it is bespoke, unique and handmade!!!

On Sunday we hired a car to drive to Patara Beach (12 kms from Kalkan) and the Roman ruins there. The beach is 15 kms long, is one of the best in the Mediterranean, has great sand and is where turtles hatch their eggs. The Roman ruins are impressive!

Nige is going back to England tomorrow leaving me here to continue shopping for 5 apartments, good job he didn't spend much on the card!!!