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January 2009 (further)

I am sat in the kitchen on a Saturday morning pondering; I have just done my last day at the law firm I have been with for the last 8 years so that I can concentrate on Truffle Residences. Yikes....what have I done! It's like being on a roller coaster of panic and sheer excitement. I could have just gone to Alton Towers for the day, it would have been a lot cheaper and less risky!!

But I know once I am back in Kalkan (9 days to go), not that I am counting, any worries will fade away once I am stood on site and looking at that amazing view. Those people who have been to Kalkan will know about the magic I am talking about, and for those who haven't, well we will just have to hope that in time we can persuade them to come and see for themselves and stay at Truffle Residences of course!

I am quite excited though, after so much planning things are starting to come to fruition. My rugs (called kilims in Turkey) have arrived in Kalkan from Istanbul, yippee. I love the Turkish kilims but I didn't see how the traditional designs and colours would work with the apartments, as the building is quite contemporary.One of the reasons for going to Istanbul last November was to look at kilims made by a particular company there. They use a new weaving technique to create uncommon textures and patterns, each kilim is hand-woven, using organic materials and natural dyes. The result is beautiful kilims in contemporary styles and colours.

I think they look gorgeous...

One of the other things we did whilst in Istanbul, was we commissioned our own exclusive scent for the range of toiletries that will be provided to our guests staying at Truffle Residences. Apparently, this is on track and should be with us in Kalkan at the end of February, I will update you all soon as it arrives.