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Turkish Delights Refresh


Turkey is known for its Turkish Bath, also known as hammams. For those of you that have not had the experience:

You will be taken to a dressing room and given a cotton wrap, known as a pestemal, and a pair of slippers. Change into your swimwear and wrap the pestemal around you sarong style like a skirt.

You are then taken into the sicaklik (the hot room or sauna) which has a raised heated marble platform (goebektas) in the center. You can lie (or sit) on the platform, where you are left to relax and work up a sweat.

After a reasonable period of time the attendant will return and scrub you, from head to toe with a coarse mitt. This exfoliates you refreshing your skin! This is followed by a soap massage, using a large cloth bag which resembles an icing bag. The cloth bag is blown into to create bubbles. You end up covered in white frothy lemon scented bubbles and are gently rinsed in warm water to finish the experience.

Once completed you are wrapped in towels and taken to an outer room to cool down, drink mint tea and relax for as long as you like.

The experience will leave you relaxed, exhilarated and thoroughly refreshed. A blissful way to spend an hour.

Turkish Baths, massages and treatments can be found at:

  • Lykia Residence & Spa Hotel 
  • Kalkan Regency Hotel 
  • Pirat Hotel

For the men in your party there are a number of barbers in Kalkan, where they can experience being shaved with a cut-throat razor at lightning speed and have the hairs burnt off their ears with spirit. Must be experienced at least once !!

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